god put me on this earth and simply said, “let this stupid bitch roam”

IRIS/SOLEIL/LYRA & 20 & HE/HIM or SHE/HER (never THEY/THEM please!)


trans & ⚣

sagittarius sun / aries moon / libra rising

autism and adhd and mentally ill but i won't disclose any further information on that

super open to interact with new people but sometimes convo drains me so be patient =)

i do make nsfw jokes! they are tagged but i'd definitely pref people under the age of sixteen didn't follow me! (if we're currently already mutuals you don't have to unfollow, but if you'd prefer to not have an adult following, you can softblock at any time and i won't question it)

dating reed (23/2/17) & elijah (21/4/19)

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

before you follow

  • for the most part i'll just block you if i don't like you! i only really have people blocked if i dislike them, otherwise i'd just softblock/deny the follow req so!
  • general dfi critera? idk i'll just block you if i don't like you for whatever reason
  • things i need tagged include ; incest, cocsa/csa, disordered eating, irl blood, genderbends/cisswaps, throat trauma, mentions of food rotting/food that's past it's expiration date/etc. (you can tag this one as [sol don't look] or [sdl] but please do try if you can. i'll probably softblock if you continuously put specific triggers onto my tl but for the most part i do try to be patient and understand ppl make mistakes/just forget/etc.
  • i'd prefer, but won't like. kill you, if you don't follow if you interact with the following people : @memejoume, @sigmaliker, @GHOSTPOSSESSION. i don't really want to start drama or discuss it, i just want to avoid them.


  • interests

    main interests
    • mo dao zu shi (i will tweet about this one a /lot/ basically all the time)
    • cardfight vanguard
    • kpop (loona, twice, gfriend, iz*one, sunmi, chungha, taemin, and more)
    other interests
    • heaven official's blessing, kimetsu no yaiba, rwby, naruto, cardcaptor sakura, inuyasha,